DIY Thank You Cards That Are Easy To Make

Diy Thank You Cards That Are Easy To Make:

“Be thankful for what you have. Be fearless for what you want.”

Being thankful is an emotion that has often faced much rebuke. Many a times people fail to thank those who helped them at their time of need and yet show reproach in accepting the same. A small thank you goes a long way!! Feelings of thankfulness don’t need big expressions… a small little thank you card is enough to elicit the love that you seek. And if you a little time on your hands then a DIY thank you card can speak volumes.

Diy Thank You Cards
DIY Thank You Cards

Here are some great DIY thank you cards ideas:

DIY ribbon and die-cut card: Using decorative paper, a die cut and ribbon you can make the most beautiful thank you card. Cover the front of the card with decorative paper. Adhere a ribbon along the middle front of the card. Stick a fancy die cut over the top and write a thank you message using adhesive foam for extra dimension.

DIY ribbon crafted card – All you need is craft paper and die cuts. Cut the paper into the shape and size you want. Put eyelets for the moving additional cards. Run a ribbon through the eyelets and connect the two cards together.

DIY thank you card with paper stripes: Cut one wide piece of brown card stock. Cut two same-width strips of patterned paper and one narrower strip. Layer the strips over the brown cardstock. Place cut-out lettering or letter stickers on the two larger strips.

DIY thank you card with ribbons: Use different ribbons cut to same length and pattern. On the base of the card glue the ribbons and write thank you to make it more beautiful.

DIY thank you cards with fabric:


  • A plain white card set
  • A colored envelope set
  • Coffee
  • Scrap fabric.


  • Brew a pot of coffee (or black tea) and soak your cards in it. Then let them sit out to dry completely. The coffee will give your note cards a pretty aged look!
  • Cut out rectangles of pretty fabric and stitch them into your card with a sewing machine. You can also do hand stich with needle and embroidery thread.
  • On the edge of the card or the inside write your thank you.

Whatever be the reason, gratitude is best felt when shown. A small thank you can help you scale a thousand mountains and most importantly it brings utmost heartfelt joy.

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