Interesting DIY Telescope Ideas Which Are Super Easy And Exciting

DIY Telescope

DIY Telescope:

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are,” the one rhyme that sums up the fascination for the skies above and the universe beyond. How many times have you just gazed up the night sky and wondered in awe at the vastness of the universe and the tiny speck that you are. I remember my school project where I had to make a telescope, with meticulous research I did make a telescope and used it to look up a little closer at the moon and the stars at the first instance.

Here is how you can make your very own DIY telescope:

DIY Telescope


  • 1 Larger Convex lens smaller than the tube you will use. Find one that can fit the inside of the tube perfectly.
  • 1 Smaller Concave
  • 1 long cardboard tube or 2 cardboard tubes (such that one tube fits snugly inside the other bigger tube)
  • A piece of thick ridged cardboard
  • Sticky tape
  • Craft cutter/knife
  • Glue
  • Colored tape (electrical tape is a good choice as stretches easily and is more flexible)
  • Black paint (black is the best option for a telescope as it restricts light)
  • Stickers – optional


DIY Telescope

DIY Telescope



In case you are using 1 Cardboard Tube, here are the directions:

  • Cut the cardboard tube in half and draw 2 parallel lines about 1/2 inches apart, lengthways along one of the tubes. Cut out the cardboard between the lines to make the inner tube.
  • Ensure that the inner tube fits snugly into the second tube and can easily slide in and out.
  • Tape the tube back together, by securing the tube at both ends first and then across and around the middle with sticky tape.

DIY Telescope

Directions to make a DIY Telescope:

  • Make a circle on top of the piece of cardboard by drawing around the inner tube.
  • Place the small lens in the center of this circle and draw around this too. Use a ruler and mark out a cross in the larger circle first to get the central position to place the lens before drawing around it.

DIY Telescope

  • Cut the inner circle out of the cardboard with a craft knife or cutter, and cut around the larger circle to remove it.

DIY Telescope

  • Place the concave lens on the flat side of the lens so that it is facing you.
  • Push the eye lens into the center of the cardboard hole, secure it in place with the cardboard with a dab of glue to the inside of the hole before pushing the lens in for extra security.

DIY Telescope

  • Coat the rim of the inner tube with glue and press the cardboard circle so that it holds the lens onto it. Leave to dry completely.
DIY Telescope

DIY Telescope

  • Wrap with electrical tape once it dries. Overlap the edge of the tube with tape so that it can be pressed around the eye piece for a neat finish.

DIY Telescope

  • Push the bigger lense that fits into the larger tube, into a tight position in the end of the tube. Wrap the end with electrical tape, by overlapping the edge of the tube with the tape slightly.






DIY Telescope

  • Paint both the tubes with black paint and let dry. Add any stickers that you like to give a personal touch. Place the inner tube into the outer one.

  • Place the two lenses at a parallel and right distance from each other to maintain a good line of sight.

Your DIY telescope in now ready for you to explore the skies with!!

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