DIY Teddy Bear Creative Ideas Easily At Home

Diy Teddy Bear Creative Ideas:

Tell of one person who hasn’t had a favorite teddy bear when they were kids. I’m sure there isn’t any?? The cute cuddly teddy bear is a kid’s best friend as an infant and even when they grow up, you can find the teddy placed neatly in the room. Whether it’s a small teddy or a gigantic bear. Teddy has had some very fond memories with most kids. A DIY teddy bear was always close to the heart as a loved one had made it and filled it with all the love and affection, like my mum had.

Diy Teddy Bear
Diy Teddy Bear

A small tutorial here will teach you how to make a DIY teddy bear for your little one too:


  • Prewashed soft anti-pill fleece in a light color
  • Felt in light and dark pink color
  • Black, light and dark pink embroidery thread
  • Filling


  • Print your free pattern, but don’t cut the pieces out yet. Cut two squares from the fleece, just a bit bigger than the teddy bear and position them right sides together.  Put the paper with printed pattern on the top and pin everything together.
  • Sew the teddy bear together following the pattern line on the paper. Leave an opening as marked on the pattern.
  • Carefully remove the paper with the pattern. You will end up with a cut-out pattern.
  • Cut out the teddy bear from the fleece, cut approximately 0.5 cm away from the sewing line, leaving extra 0.5 cm around the opening, which will make closing the opening much easier later. Make small cuts where marked on the picture below all the way to the seam.
  • Turn the bear around through the opening, and fill it with a filling. Close the opening using the ladder stitch.
  • Use a trick pen to draw the position of eyes, nose and mouth. Topstitch them by stabbing the needle from the other side of the head to the front side, so that the end of the thread will be hidden inside the head. Then make three small stitches on the same spot to fix the thread and then stitch the eye or nose over this three stitches so that they will not be visible at the end. When you are finished with embroidery, hide the ending under the embroidery and back through the head. The same goes with the heart and cheeks. 

This DIY teddy bear is a cute little huggable that is hard to keep away from.

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