DIY Study Table — Pocket Friendly Ideas

Buying a new study desk or table can cost you hundreds and thousands of bucks and then too it is not sure you will get something that you exactly want. So here I have some easy steps that would save your pounds and something you can modify it according to your desires. Given below are some easy steps to make a space and pocket-friendly DIY Study Table.

DIY Study Table
DIY Study Table

Step 1: collect your material

Initially, you will need to get your materials. You’ll need 5′ of 2×10 lumber and 6′ of 1×10 lumber of quality but lightweight wood, wood glue, decking screws, 1″ wood screws, and three 4-5″ L brackets. You’ll also need a saw and a stud finder, as well as any stain or paint desired.

Step 2: cut the wood into the desired shape

Cut the wood to size. You’ll need two 5′ boards and two 5″ boards. The 5″ boards should come from the 1×10 lumber.

Step 3: start to mount the wooden desk

Mount the desktop to the wall. Mount the desktop (the 5′ 2×10) to the wall, using the decking screws and the L brackets. The L brackets should be attached to the studs in your wall, so be sure to locate these before you attach the brackets. Use the shorter screws when attaching the desktop to the brackets.

Step 4: attach other pieces

Attach the side boards to the bottom piece. Glue and then use decking screws to attach the 5″ side pieces to the bottom board.

Step 5: put the bolts and necessary parts

Attach the bottom section to the top. Apply wood glue to the tops of the side boards, brace the bottom section in place beneath the desktop, and then use decking screws to drill through the desktop into the side pieces.

Step 6: give it support until the glue dries

Allow it to set. Place a brace underneath the desk structure until the glue dries.

Step 7: add some finishing touch

Add finishing touches. You can paint your desk if you want to or add other finishing touches. Keep in mind that your desktop can only support a monitor or laptop PC or your books and stuff. Do not overload it by keeping extra things.

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