DIY Scrapbook – Store Your Memories In These Creative Ways

Do you love to craft? Is DIY your thing? Or do you wanna make an album for all the photos you have? Or you can’t find anything to gift to your best friend? I have a solution to all your questions. Scrapbooks are really easy to make and are useful to store our memories in a creative way. Scrapbooks can also be used to gift your loved ones. It can be made in any theme. You can make a scrapbook for all the abstract photography you have done. Or a DIY scrapbook for all the childhood memories or best school days memories.

You can customize or modify your scrapbook according to your choice. Think of your scrapbook as your novel. The scope can be small or large, focused or lose, a chronological narrative or a visual montage. At the most basic level, a scrapbook is a place to collect anything you don’t want to lose, from musings on a particular experience to recipes and postcards. Here are some creative ways to customize the pages and covers of your scrapbooks. You can make a scrapbook out of an old dairy or just by attaching a bunch of paper and making a decorating cover for it.

DIY Scrapbook

DIY Scrapbook

Given here are some of the interesting designs for you to make an easy DIY Scrapbook.

If you have wonder lust or you are a traveler and have a bundle of photographs of your tours to different locations. Then, go ahead with a travel theme on your scrapbook. You can use a world map as the background or decorate the cover of your scrapbook.

If you are a nature photographer or wild photographer for that matter, then you can use the nature jungle theme for your scrapbook. Put some green or blue colored paper and paste some flowers on it for showing nature or to portray wild photography you can use some elements that relate to animals or wild.

If you are just making a scrapbook for all your school days memories that you had with your friends, classmates, teachers etc. Then you can make a school-based scrapbook. You can add a photograph of your school on the first pages or just a group or class photograph. Draw some sketches or paper pencils on the borders. Add some paper made bags or you can also put some paper pins for the feel.

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