DIY Room Décor Ideas You Might Want to Try

DIY Room Décor Ideas:

Your home is a reflection of your likes and dislikes. Décor ideas help to beautify your living and workspace. DIY Room décor ideas come to your aid when looking for quick-fix tonics to upscale your living and working spaces.

DIY Room Décor Ideas
DIY Room Décor Ideas

DIY room décor idea 1:

If you have kids around the house, a really great idea is to get the kids to draw, paint, and color something they love. Get these artworks framed or put them into store-bought picture frames. Take your living room wall and adorn it with these fabulous artworks by your kids. Not only does this DIY room décor idea look great but it also personalizes your living space.

DIY Room Décor Ideas
DIY Room Décor Ideas

DIY room décor idea 2:

Mirrors tend to enhance any space big or small. Mirrors act like magic especially in small places where the mirror gives a feeling of enlarging the space by reflecting the area around. The interesting thing is that you can use a single large mirror or many small mirrors to add some zest to any room. Take different sized handheld mirrors and glue them to the wall with double-sided tape to get a stunning wall.

Pompom pillow for your chair or bed

Materials required:

  • Colorful yarn
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Plain pillow case and insert
  • Scissors


  • Depending on the size of the pillow or cushion you want will decide on the number of pompoms you will need.
  • Make pompoms using colorful yarn. Use your favorite colors and make as many.
  • Wrap the yarn and tie in the middle. Cut the corners and spread the pompoms to get a furry ball.
  • Take your pillow cover or cushion cover and glue your pompoms on the pillow cover.
  • You can also stitch the pompom balls on the pillowcase.
  • Throw the pompom pillowcase or cushion on your favorite side of the bed or chair or simple on the floor.

These DIY room décor ideas are sure to lift the spirits of any room.   

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