DIY Power Bank — Portable, Easy To Make and Cost Efficient

Are you one of those persons who always forget to charge your phone and then regrets it after you go out and your phone switches off? Believe me, I know this struggle and I am also a proud member of this clan. But no worries, now I have the solution for this. I have tried to make a portable DIY power bank at home, which is really easy to make and is really efficient. So let’s get started!

DIY Power bank
DIY Power bank

Step 1:

To find a clean tin box, you can also use mints box and Clear all the mints and paper out of the Altoids tin

Step 2:

Find a female USB port, these ports can be easily found on USB extension cords.

Step 3:

If using a USB extension cord, cut the wire as far away from the part in which you plug in the wire you wish to extend. Strip the wires Find the black (-) and red (+) wires. Make sure these are separate from the green and white data wires.

Step 4:

If your wires are very short, (less than 9 inches) you may want to extend them by soldering a wire to them. Be careful not to add too much as it may not fit in the Altoids tin. About 9 inches (22.9 cm) branching off of the female USB should suffice.

Step 5:

Now, put your four chargeable AAA batteries into the battery holder. For this moment, they do not need to be charged.

Help – These rechargeable AAA batteries can cheaply be bought on eBay or similar auction site. These batteries are rated by the amount of power they can store not the power that they output. The units used are milli-Amp hours (mAh), which can be explained as the current (in milli-Amps) needed to fully discharge the battery in an hour. A 1000 mAh battery will last twice as long on one charge as a 500 mAh battery. AAA battery holders can cheaply be bought from Radio Shack, make sure it will fit in the Altoids tin box.

Step 6:

Now, connect the wires from your battery holder to your USB wires. (Remember red to red and black to black.)

Step 7:

Make a square shaped hole slightly larger than a USB port in one side of the tin. If using a Dremel, beware of sparks that can ignite flammable materials.

Step 8:

Now, put the battery holder inside your tin that is connected to your female USB in the tin box.

Step 9:

Put the female USB connector on its place with the hot glue and close your tin box. You are almost complete with your power bank.

Step 10:

Make a male to male USB cable if you do not already have one.

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