DIY Photo Album | Preserve All Your Precious Memories

Having a photo album to preserve all your memories in a place and then look back to those photographs is really a very special feeling. If you also want to create a small treasure full of memories, a DIY photo album would be perfect. Whether you want to relive your wedding day, baby’s first year, a fun school year or moments with your loved one, this is the thing you need. You can also make them and gift to your loved ones either your spouse, mother, father, best friend and your loved ones. Pair them with a pretty personalized candle or photo cube to complete the look.

diy photo album
DIY photo album

We have given some easy steps to make a DIY photo album below, please have a look.

You first need to collect the papers for your photo album. Get some A4 pastel sheets or any colorful sheets for the cover of the album and also for the album pages. Create the cover of your album and decorate it with a heavy paper. Then create your album pages with solid sheets of paper of one color, and should be of 12×12 size.

Then divide each 12×12 paper evenly in half and you will end up getting a sheet of 6×12 size. On each 6×12 piece, use a ruler to measure 3 sections that are 4 inches in length. Fold the 6×12 piece against each of the three 4-inch lines and press it firmly to make the folds smooth. Now, measure and cut the heavy cover pages into two 4×6 cut pieces

Now take the 6×12 in sections of the sheets at their short ends and tape them up. Fold this paper like an accordion to see where the album’s front and back covers will come. Then, the heavy cover paper that we decorated earlier will be the front and back of the album. Put glue at the corners and all the sides of the page and put them carefully on front and back of the album.

Now, its time to add your photos. Arrange them accordingly and place them on the available sheets. To get a finishing touch do not glue photos onto the pages. Instead, use photo mount squares on each of the photo’s corners to ensure that they are secure on their respective pages.

To give it a final touch, add a ribbon and make a bow. Just make sure to use a ribbon that is long enough to wrap around the entire length of the album when tying it. Tie your ribbon’s end into a simple bow. And your photo album is ready.

You can use your creativity and add some designs.

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