DIY Pen Stand – 6 Easy Steps For Keeping Your Belongings Carefully

We all have our own struggles but some of them are common for all. And that is none other than managing our own things. Initially, I thought it’s me who is careless but when I noticed that I am not that much careless but some times your stuff plays hide and seek with you when you need it really urgent. I have tried many ways to keep my belongings carefully but nothing worked. So, now I have found out a way out of this problem and that is making a stand for it. Pens are the most important thing in your daily life and you would never confess it. Given below are the step by step method of making a DIY pen stand that is easy, handy and creative.

 DIY Pen Stand

Step -1 cut the paper

  • Take six pieces of A4 or any size paper in six different colors
  • Cut a square shape to the maximum size you can get from the papers.
  • Keep the small pieces cut out from the papers which we will use to insert the folds

Step 2 Fold It

  • Take one square piece of paper and fold it diagonally on both sides and make crease
  • Then fold it in half on both sides and then in quartes
  • Open the folded paper and fold four corners to triangles
  • Fold the triangle portions inside and then fold it in half.

Step – 3 join the parts

  • Remember we have kept the cut smaller pieces with all papers
  • Take one different colored one than the folded paper
  • Measure to one side of the rectangle as shown and cut paper
  • Insert the cut portion inside the triangled opening

Step – 4 Insert the cutouts inside one end to other

  • We have four folds in quarters, that is you can see four sides, two at the back, one with inserted paper and one without paper in front
  • Insert the portion with the paper piece inside the triangle of opposite side
  • Press the portion inside to make a triangle shape

Step -5 Glue them

  • Take two of prepared pieces and apply glue on one surface at the back
  • Attach another piece with the glued surface, so that the square inserts are visible on the outside
  • Glue all pieces together one by one and you will have the completed piece

Step – 6 Make the Base of the stand

  • Now we need to close one side so that we can use it for keeping the pen and other items in it
  • Place the completed piece on a card stock and mark outline and cut the shape from card stock

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