DIY Paper Flowers | 8 Easy Steps To Do It Yourself!

As we all know the season of love has arrived and making our loved ones feel special is what we should do. Buying them a bouquet of roses or a bundle of colorful flowers are some of the options we would prefer in the first place. But you know what is more special than buying flowers, is making them by yourself. Something that is handmade is in itself special and will melt the hearts of your loved ones. DIY Paper Flowers.

Now, you must be thinking that “what if I couldn’t as I am not that creative?” don’t worry about the result, you just have to try it for once, it’s really easy and amazing and I am sure if you will follow the simple step by step tutorial that is mentioned below, you will surely make it.

Given below is the tutorial to make DIY Paper Flowers and follow it Step by Step if you don’t want complications. So, just grab some papers and scissors and get started!

1) Collect all the material you need to make it; To make a Paper flower at home you need Craft papers, a pair of Scissors, Glue, and any Round object (small paint brush will work).

DIY Paper Flowers
DIY Paper Flowers

2) To make petals of your flower, firstly you need 4 pieces of the same size of the craft paper. (4X4 inches is suitable).

3) Fold the paper into half and even thirds

4) Now, you can draw the pattern of the petal on the folded craft paper or you can also simply cut the top of the folded paper into somewhat arch shape. Cut all the four pieces into exactly the same shape and you will get six petals on each craft paper you used.

5) Now when you have six petals each of the craft sheet, cut one of the petals from each.

6) Use the paintbrush stick to create curves on the petals

7) Apply Glue on one side of the petaled papers and join it with the other side.

8) Now we have; 2 pieces with 5 petals, 1 with 4 petals, 2 with 3 petals, 1 with 2 petals and 2 with 1 petal.5. Now, lastly start gluing the pieces, on the top of each other. Arrange them nicely and carefully in a beautiful pattern. The ones with maximum petals should be on the bottom and then arrange them in descending order.

All the steps are picturized and mentioned below to make it easier to understand:

You can also make flowers with more petals like 12 petaled flowers, 8 petaled flowers or 4 petaled flowers with the same steps, you will just need to cut them accordingly.

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