DIY Notice Board

DIY Notice Board:

Gone are the days when the notice board was part of the school or the office stationery. The notice board is now suited for the office and homes alike. The notice boards are great for displaying and organizing information and data. These notice boards have become an essential working tool now. And if you don’t own one then don’t fret you can make your own DIY notice board easily.

Here is how you can make your own DIY notice board.




– Foam board

– Tape (something strong like duct tape)

– Cork roll

– Super Glue

– Sharp knife/ blade

– Command strips


  • Cut the foam board so it’s the exact shape and size you want for your bulletin board, and tape together.
  • Make sure the foam board fits in your space how you like. If needed, adjust at this point (use a knife /blade to cut more or add more foam board as needed).
  • Cover one side of the foam board with the cork roll, use glue to adhere it. If you are creating a large bulletin board then I recommend overlapping the cork slightly so that no white foam board shows through. Allow to completely dry.
  • Use Command Strips to hang your new bulletin board in place. Command strips should be all you need unless you plan to hang a LOT of weight from your bulletin board.

Another way is to make a notice board out of an old frame.




  • Old frame
  • Cork sheet
  • Fabric ( can use paper also if you like)
  • Spray paint


  • All you have to do is spray paint the frame first.
  • Buy a cork sheet that fits the frame correctly.
  • If you like you can cover the cork sheet with fabric/ paper of your choice.
  • The Notice board is ready to be mounted on the wall.

These DIY notice boards look really cool and are inexpensive too.

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