DIY Night Serum For Making Your Skin Glowing and Rejuvenate At Home

DIY Night Serum

Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper into the skin to deliver active ingredients into your skin. These serums contain much higher proportions of active ingredients and leave out the heavier ingredients found in traditional moisturizers. Using serums regularly can give your skin a smooth and firm texture, increase moisture levels and make pores appear smaller. They help give your skin a healthier, fresher and younger appearance. However serums come with a hefty price tag, but if you’re game enough you can make your own night serum the DIY way. Here is a DIY night serum that you can make for glowing skin.

DIY Night Serum

DIY Night Serum


  • 3 Tablespoons jojoba oil
  • 1 Tablespoon argan oil
  • 2 teaspoons vegetable glycerine
  • 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil
  • 1 teaspoon aloe gel
  • Fill the rest with avocado oil (or another light oil like sweet almond oil or apricot kernel oil)
  • 24 drops of essential oils for skin ( depending on your skin type you can use lavender, frankincense, orange, tea tree, lemon, clary sage, chamomile, rosemary and any other oil.


  • Take a bottle, use a funnel and add jojoba and argan oil. Add the essential oils and the rest of the ingredients. Pour the vitamin E and aloe gel carefully without the funnel as they are thick. Fill the rest with avocado oil and shake before every use.

Make sure that you cleanse your skin at night. Witch hazel is a good astringent. Apply the night serum in gentle circular motion. The DIY night serum will definitely give you glowing skin in the morning along with fragrant skin courtesy all the aromatherapy oil.

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