DIY Night Lamp Idea That Will Make Your Room Pretty

DIY Night Lamp:

The soft glow of the night lamp always soothes the body and the mind lulling me to sleeping. The harsh bright lights should be completely avoided when going to bed. A softer dim light helps in sound sleep. Making a DIY night lamp is a creative expression that you can use in your personal space.

Here is how you can make your DIY night lamp with paper. With so many night lamps that you have, pick up one and personalize it with some paper and crafty scissors.


  • LED plug-in light, which generates much less heat and is safer to use near paper.
  • Card stock, use the kind which hold their shape, and are easy to cut.
  • Xacto knife, Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette Cameo digital cutting machine.
  • Color tissue paper for colorful glow!


DIY Night Lamp

  • Cut the designs using a knife or the silhouette portrait or cameo. Follow the color coded lines and score the lines.
  • Create dimensional design details on the designs by gently curling the paper at the cut lines.
  • Fold along the scored lines and glue the two ends to the corresponding numbers on the folded edges. Use clips to hold while the glue dries. Now you will get a half cylinder with tabs for hanging.
DIY Night Lamp
DIY Night Lamp
  • Plug in the night light put the paper shade over it and your night lamp is ready.
  • You can use a clear pushpin or a tiny nail to hang the paper shade. Also if you glue some colored tissue paper on the inside you will get a colored soft glow. Use 2-3 layers of tissue paper to get a deep rich color.

It is important that the paper is kept at a safe distance from the light bulb if using one but try and use a LED night light instead. Make your own design using this DIY night lamp idea and get creative.

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