DIY Napkin Rings For All Occasions

A napkin ring is a must as it holds a person’s table napkin when not in use. If you are indulging in a former sit down dinner then napkins and their rings are essential must haves. There is an array of napkin rings available in the market, but the joy of making these napkin rings yourself and then using them at the dinner table is just priceless. Here is a quick and easy DIY napkin rings tutorial just for you.

DIY leather napkin rings

DIY Napkin Rings
DIY Napkin Rings


  • Leather sheet
  • Rotary cutter or craft knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Metal Ruler


  • Measure out the dimensions you want for your leather napkin rings onto the leather. For example, I tried the 2″x6″ each.

  • Cut out the leather strips.
DIY Napkin Rings
DIY Napkin Rings
  • Make a cut into the leather at the opposite ends approximately 1cm from the edge.

  • Just slot the cuts together and your napkin rings are ready to use.


If you’re feeling more creative and want to make fresh napkin rings then try this floral napkin ring DIY which is equally easy to make.

For this fresh breezy floral napkin ring you will need the following:

  • Flowers fresh or faux in 2-3 shapes or sizes
  • Greenery
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters


  • Take the floral wire and bend it to make a loop that is about 2” in diameter. Wrap the ends around the loop to secure and cut the excess wire.

  • Cut your center flower so that the stem is about 1″ long, and use your floral tape to secure your flower stem to your wire. If you have a flower head that’s droopy or won’t stand upright, you can always insert a piece of wire up into the stem and head so you can bend the flower head at whatever angle you need.

  • As you add flowers and greens keep securing the flowers with the floral tape one at a time to either side of the central flower.

  • Once the flowers have been arranged to wrap the rest of the wire with tape to finish the look.

These are easy to make do-it-yourself napkin rings that don’t require much effort and can be made in advance or instantly.

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