DIY Miniature Dollhouse | It’s Easy To Make and It’s Economical Too!

This article is about how to make a DIY miniature Dollhouse at home. There are plenty of dollhouses available in stores but are really expensive and not everyone can afford them. But then what about the kids? how will they understand this? I have an answer to all your questions and worries. You can make an amazing dollhouse at home just by recycling the cartons and cardboard boxes kept in the storerooms in your homes. It’s really cheap, easy, and convenient.

diy miniature dollhouse
DIY miniature dollhouse

Selection of the Box

The box you choose will really determine the presence of your Dollhouse as its the base. You can use any type of box from a Shoebox to a large moving box, depending on the size you want to make. The larger the box, the more work you need to do on your doll house but then you can then enjoy the perks of showing more of your creativity. Choose a clean box and avoid dirty ones or that has smudge marks, as it will hinder your kids to play efficiently.

Be as creative as you can

An article or any tutorial can help you guide how to make a dollhouse but to make it look beautiful and amazing it needs your creativity. You have to think about how you can decorate it or make it more interesting for the kids.

Make the shape of your dollhouse

You can start making its layout from either of its sides. From the open side or looking down into it. Then decide do you want to make it a double storey or triple. It’s not mandatory to do so, but it will be interesting to play. Make divisions according to your wish, how many rooms you need and how many storey dollhouses you want to make. You can use the flaps of the same cardboard or also another smaller one.

Add details to your rooms

Add some doors if needed, add some windows and lids etc.  You can make doors and windows by just cutting the area in a square shape or rectangle in the case of doors and decorate them.

Give your dollhouse some finishing

Now the last step do some interior designing, you can put some beds, sofas, or little chairs in your dollhouse. These are easily available in the market at a cheaper rate. You can also decorate your walls and floors. By pasting different designs of paper on it. Add clocks, lamps etc. To give it a final touch.

Also, paint the outside of the house, and also paste the name of the house.

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