DIY Mini Notebook That You Might Find it Useful

DIY Mini Notebook:

The sweet little notes on a tiny little mini notebook used to be a favorite with me as a kid. The trend continues even today with kids making a Pokémon or a pony mini notebook. Glue in your stickers or just write notes to self, mini notebooks are ready in minutes and are the cutest stationary in any kids bag.

DIY Mini Notebook
DIY Mini Notebook

Here is how you can make a DIY mini notebook:

DIY Mini Notebook from one sheet of paper


  • One sheet of paper, any size and dimension will do. You can use an A4 sheet to make your mini notebook.
  • Scissors
  • Color pens
  • Glue (optional)


The video is a step by step easy tutorial on how to make a mini notebook with a single sheet of paper.

Listed below are steps on how to make the mini notebook with a single sheet of paper.

  • Take an A4 sheet and a pair of scissors.
  • Fold the sheet to meet the ends meet nicely on the length side.
  • Fold the sheet again on the length side and make sharp creases by pressing the folds firmly with hands.
  • Open the sheet of paper completely and now fold the sheet breadth side into half.
  • Fold again from the middle and press the folds firmly to get visible crease on the paper.
  • Open the sheet of paper to get creases of 16 rectangles in all in a single sheet of A4 sheet.
  • Now fold the sheet length side up again into half. You will get three lines. Cut the three lines mid-way breadth wise on the crease of the fold.
  • Open the sheet of paper and cut the length wise crease mid-way to get an open square in the middle of the sheet.
  • Lift the cut rectangles up from the center and fold them out.
  • Open the sheet and turn it over, fold it up from down and flip it down from the top towards yourself.
  • Flip it one more time towards yourself.
  • Push the two ends together to get a mini notebook to get 8 pages.
  • Slit the pages that are joined.
  • Now use your color pens and decorate with it to make anything you like.

DIY mini notebook with a single sheet of paper without using any glue or stapler and is absolutely a breeze to make.

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