DIY Metal Roofing In Few Easy Steps

DIY Metal Roofing: 

Modern residential buildings use a variety of materials for a sturdy construction. Roofing is one of the many things that require our attention when constructing a building for residential or commercial purpose. Metal roofing is a popular alternative to conventional roofing options. Metal roofing is typically made of steel, aluminum or copper strips and offers great protection for your space. If you are struggling with asphalt shingles still then you should explore the metal roofing option too. It can be easily installed in a DIY way.

Metal roofing is lightweight, portable, durable and is low maintenance. Though the cost of installing metal roofing can be very high when compared with others, its advantages generally outweigh its disadvantages. Here is your Do It Yourself guide to installing a standing seam metal roofing in a step by step guide.

DIY Metal Roofing:

Materials required:

– Sheet metal hand seamer aka folder or crimping tool.

– Drill/Driver

– Wood cutting: For minor wood repairs, a cordless reciprocating saw.

– Hammer, rubber mullet, tool belt, metal snips/shears, tape measure.

– Safety rope, anchor and harness, and knowledge/experience using it, work safety plan, and first aid kit.

– Safe to use and adequate Ladder.

– Tear off/roof stripping tools, heavy duty contractor bags, and a dumpster to dispose of old shingles.

– Pre-measured and pre-cut Standing Seam Metal panels at work site.

– System specific screws and flashing details for your roof.

– Roofing Underlayment, Ice and Water, nails with colored caps.

Method of installation:

  • Take precise measurements of your roof deck and make a sketch of your roof.

  • Hand over your roof diagram with all the details and roof dimensions, and show them pictures of your roof. Based on the information you provide, roofing supply shop will order the panels and flashing for your job.
  • Prepare your roof deck for installation. It is best to remove all old roofing before putting the metal roofing. Theoretically you can install standing seam metal roof over the existing asphalt shingle roof, wooden roof.
DIY Metal Roofing
DIY Metal Roofing
  • Install synthetic breathable roof underlayment in a horizontal fashion, with sufficient tension in the underlayment from one side of the roof to the other. You will want to start at the eaves with a slight overlap of the roof deck, and nail down the first row of underlayment.
  • Install your starter flashing leaving 1/4 of an inch of space from the eave, and securing it in place with system specific screws every 12 inches on center. Then, follow the same steps to install your gable flashing.
  • Once the metal flashing is in place, you can start installing your roofing panels. Cut, and bend about an inch of the panel underneath forming a hook so that you can hook it onto the starter trim/drip edge.
  • Secure the metal roofing with screws at the top. You can doubly secure the panels with special holding brackets or clips and secure them to the roof deck.

Whether you choose to hire a professional or do-it-yourself, metal roofing is one of the most durable ways to roof your home and is an investment worth the money.

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