Amazing DIY Krishna Jhula That’s Too Easy and Creative

DIY Krishna Jhula: 

Janamashtmi is just around the corner, it is time to rejoice and celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna’s birth was born on the Ashtami of Bhadrapaksha in Rohini Nakshatra at twelve o’clock in the night. Huge celebrations are held across India to celebrate his birth and people observe fast also. The day of Krishna Janmashtami, Bal Gopal are bathed with panchamrit with a conch shell, dressed in new clothes and decorated with jewelry. He is then placed in a jhula and rocked gently to mark his birth. A jhula becomes an integral part of the Pooja that is performed during janmashtami.

Here is how you can make a DIY Krishna Jhula this Janmashtami:

DIY Newspaper Krishna Jhula


  • Old newspapers
  • Glue/ Fevicol
  • Quilling stick (optional)
  • Golden Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Needle and thread
  • Golden thread to rock the jhula
  • Stapler
  • Beads
  • Bindis and crystals for decoration
DIY Mini Notebook
DIY Mini Notebook


  • Take old newspaper and roll it into thin cylindrical strips 10” in height.
  • Take 5 newspaper rolls and glue them together to get one thick roll.
  • Flatten out one newspaper strip roll and spool it around the glued stack of 4 strip rolls.
  • As you roll it keep applying glue to secure it properly. Let dry completely.
  • Cut one cylinder and continue making similar cylinders to get thick cylindrical rolls.
  • Make 4 small cylindrical rolls and one long roll for each side.
  • Take a newspaper strip roll and flatten it out gently.
  • Roll the flattened newspaper to make a disc. Glue the disc and let dry.
  • Make six big discs with flattened newspaper and 2 small discs.
  • This is optional, if you have a quilling stick then roll some thin strips of paper to get fine quilling discs to be used for decoration.
  • Make at least 16-18 quilling discs and glue set of 3 discs together.
  • Now take the flattened broad disc of rolled newspaper strip and glue the short cylindrical pillar on top of the base disc. Glue the quilling discs to the base to embellish it.
  • Take the long cylinder and glue the flattened discs to the edges to get the main rod to hang the jhula on.
  • Take the smaller cylindrical pillars and glue them to the second disc. Let dry.
  • Glue the whole structure together to get the above frame for the jhula. Let dry completely to get a sturdy frame.
  • To make the jhula gather needle and thread, scissors, 2 small cardboards, golden twine.
  • Take the cardboard and cut it into two small squares. Take one cardboard and needle in the thread on all four corners. Take the other cardboard and glue in the golden twine. Glue the two pieces of cardboard together and let dry.
  • Take rolled newspaper strip and glue it on the cardboard square and trim off the uneven edges to get a neat base for the jhula.
  • Make a back for the jhula and glue it together. Make arm rest with newspaper roll strips and glue it to the jhula.
  • Take golden paint and color the jhula and the frame.
  • To the thread of the jhula add pearls to embellish the jhula.
  • Use a hot glue gun to glue the pearls to close the edges.
  • Put a hook on top of the jhula strings.
  • Paste a picture of Krishna to embellish the jhula.
  • Embellish the jhula with bindis and crystals to make it look beautiful.
  • Your jhula for your Bal Gopal is ready.

Make this Janmashtami a special one for you with this DIY Krishna Jhula.

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