DIY Korean Skincare Routine That Will Make Your Skin Feel Refresh

DIY Korean Skincare Routine:

The Korean skin care routine is guaranteed to give you a flawless glowing skin. A strict routine of following its 10 steps ensures a systematic layering of the skin which gives a glassy and glowing skin. The Korean skin care routine isn’t very difficult or complex as it sounds. The DIY Korean skin care routine can be adopted successfully to suit your skin type.

Diy Korean Skincare Routine
DIY Korean Skincare Routine

Here is a breakdown of the 10 steps DIY Korean skincare routine:

  • Oil cleanser: It is important to wash your face twice, once with oil and once with a foaming cleanser. The oil cleanser helps to wash off oil based impurities like SPF, sebum and pollutants.
  • Foam/cream cleanser: A foam cleanser helps wash off sweat and dirt thoroughly. It is imperative to check the pH balance of the foaming cleanser. This is important as our skin naturally falls between 4.2 and 5.6 and anything over and below can lead to acne, blotches and skin irritation.
  • Toner: In Korean skincare routine toners are typically a thin layer of moisture meant to regulate your pH and soften the skin for the entire routine. Korean toners are packed with botanical ingredients that protect against aging, acne, fine lines. You can apply them with your hands and pat into the skin, or apply with a cotton ball or pad.
  • Essence: Koreans believe that layering products allow the skin to breathe and avoids clogging the pores. This is the 2nd layer of moisture in Korean skin care routine. Essence are thinner and watery in texture and penetrate the skin at a deeper level and aid absorption of other layers.
  • Emulsion: The texture of the emulsion is more viscose compared to the previous two. It starts building the richness and sheen in the skin. It’ll make your skin look super plump and hydrated.
  • Ampoule/Serum: These contain big amounts of intense moisture and is thicker in texture. This helps to moisturize your skin deeply giving you glowing skin.
  • Sheet Mask: These sheet masks are soaked in serum and usually take 15-20 minutes only. These masks can be done as frequently as you like.
  • Eye Cream: Eye cream is designed to moisturize the ultra-thin skin around your eyes where crow’s feet and fine lines are bound to appear. However, if you use eye cream regularly before they show up, you’ll see a marked difference in how young you look!! Using the ring finger is the best way as it uses the correct amount of pressure rather than your pointer finger.
  • Moisturizer: Also known as an occlusive layer the moisturizer cream seals in all the previous layers. It allows the fragrances and flavors inside to mingle and absorb.
  • Sunscreen: This step is to be followed in the day time only. This is a must wear as it protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.
  • Sleeping masks: This is to be followed at night before sleeping. The sleeping mask helps in repairing your skin as you sleep giving your skin an extra layer of moisture.

The DIY Korean skin care routine will definitely help you get flawless skin and the best thing unlike many beauty fads, this one actually works.

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