DIY Keychain Ideas – Your Very Own Keychain Made At Home

DIY Keychain Ideas:

“The key to your heart is with me”…. How romantic…. But wake up mister you can’t get careless with your keys!! A keychain is a must when it comes to keeping your keys safe whether it’s your home or the heart. And if you have an afternoon to spare then DIY keychain ideas can give you stylish options that suit you from the word go.

Here are some fun DIY keychain ideas:

Tassel keychain


  • Tassel Fringe
  • Lever-Back Key Chain
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue


  • Open a ready to use tassel fringe pack. Cut ¼ inch from the bottom of the first piece of fringe on one of your tassels.
  • Take your keychain and slide your cut piece of fringe through the bottom of your keychain.
  • Add Some glue to the bottom part of your fringe and glue it to the top section of your fringe, creating a loop.
  • Add glue to the top of the piece of fringe you just glued to the base, press it down, closing the loop of your fringe.
  • Add a lavish amount of glue to the top section of the fringe covering from top to bottom.
  • Roll your fringe starting from the side that has the keychain.
  • When you get to the end of rolling, take the other fringe and glue it to the first piece, aligning both ends. Add glue to the top of the 2nd fringe and roll it until the entire piece has been glued.

Your keychain is ready to use.

Jenga keychain


– jenga blocks


– Decorative paper (scrapbook page, map, sheet music, pretty wrapping paper,…)

– Screw eye

– Key ring

– Round nose pliers

– Mod Podge

– Brush

– Pencil

– Scissors


  • Take the sides of the Jenga block to the paper and cut the paper.
  • Take a keychain hook and screw it in the Jenga block.
  • Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the back of each paper and place it on the Jenga block. Smoothen out the paper to prevent air bubbles.
  • Allow the mod podge to dry completely. Once done apply a thin layer of mod podge again around all sides to give a protective seal.
  • Attach the key ring and the keys and bingo your keychain is ready!!

These DIY keychain ideas are just two of the thousands that are floating on the internet. All you have to do is get going and try your hand at making these simple keychains.

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