DIY Jhumkas – Making Indian Earrings At Home Made Simpler

DIY Jhumkas:

The Indian traditional earring the jhumka has survived many onslaughts by other fancy jewelry. The grace of the jhumka has failed to die down. It has inspired many a movie songs in Bollywood over the years. And with the DIY revolution has not spared the jhumka’s too and has taught many how to make their favorite jhumkas the DIY way.

The jhumka or jhumki as it is known is an ancient Indian ornament called the karnaphool which means flower adorning the ear. These upsides down, basket or dome-shaped tassels are said to be inspired by the seed pods or real flower buds worn by mythical damsels. And if you don’t believe me then here is how you can make DIY jhumkas too.


  • 1″ round 4 holed gold sequins – 2
  • 3mm antique gold round beads -44
  • 5mm antique gold beads – 2
  • Gold-tone, stud base – 1 pair
  • 3mm Quilling strips – 24 strips
  • Quilling tool
  • 4mm antique gold half beads -32
  • 2mm topaz rhinestone chain
  • Gold-tone headpins – 2
  • Gold-tone flower bead caps – 2
  • Gold paint, copper paint & brush
  • Mod Podge Matt or Glossy
  • Liquid fusion glue
  • Quilling doming template or wooden doming block (optional)
  • Tools: Round nose pliers, wire cutters, scissors


DIY Jhumkas
DIY Jhumkas
  • Make the stud: Apply glue to the sequin and glue the 5mm antique bead in the center. Glue 2mm beads in 2 rows all around it making sure that one of the 4 holes of the sequin is left uncovered. Let dry. Glue the stud base at the center back and let dry. The stud is ready.
DIY Jhumkas
DIY Jhumkas
  • Make the domes: Take one strip of quilling paper through the edge of your quilling tool and rotate it making a tight spiral. When you come to the end of one strip, glue another one to it and continue. Alternatively, you can glue 12 of your quilling strips together, making one long length of paper before you begin. Keep joining strips and spiraling until you use up the 12 strips of paper. You can make the dome smaller by reducing the number of strips to 10 if required. Repeat to make another spiral and make sure both are the same size. Press the spiral over a quilling dome template to get the dome shape or just press the spiral with your fingers into a dome.
  • Apply mod podge on the inside and let dry. Once dry apply mod podge on the outside and let dry.
  • Paint all over the dome in the desired color.
  • Poke an eye pin through the center hole of your Jhumka. Glue the half beads to the bottom rim of the dome.
  • Apply mod podge all over and let dry. Glue colored stones next to beads if you like and let dry.
  • Add a bead cap to the eye pin and form a loop with your pliers. Cut excess wire.
  • Loop the dome through the free hole of the stud sequin or use a jump ring to connect the loop to the hole.

Your DIY jhumkas are ready to add to your ornamental beauty.

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