DIY Jewelry Organizer – Keep Your Jewelery Well-Organized

I’ve been meaning to make a jewelry organizer for quite some time now. I just can’t find enough time to make one, until my friend told me of this really easy DIY jewelry organizer that is ready in less than an hour. I couldn’t believe her and tried to give it a shot myself.

Here is how you can make a DIY jewelry organizer:

DIY jewelry organizer



  • Take a bulletin board (an old one will also do). Clean it up.
  • Paint the outer frame of the board white or any color of your choice.

  • Get your favorite printed fabric/ wall paper and tuck it in the board with thumbtacks.
  • Take some little hooks or clear thumbtacks and place at intervals.
  • Your jewelry is ready to be organized.

Twig jewelry organizer

All you need for this one is a nice leisurely walk around the road to the nearest park. Pull out a small branched out twig. Trim the long arms of the twig and place it in a beautiful bottle/jar. Your DIY jewelry organizer is ready.

Planter jewelry organizer


  • 2 standard 4.3″ (11 cm) terra cotta pots
  • 7″ (17 cm) terra cotta saucer
  • 3″ (21 cm) terra cotta saucer
  • 8″ (25 cm) terra cotta saucer
  • E6000 glue
  • Base color paint – I used Americana Bahama Blue
  • Antiquing color – browns and black shades are recommended. I used Americana Raw Umber
  • Clear spray paint


  • Make a center mark on the bottom side of the 2 smallest saucers. Glue the bottom of one of the pots.

  • Place the pot onto the bottom of the saucer over the center mark.
  • Repeat on the other saucer and let dry.
  • Paint a light coat of the base color. Use acrylic or spray paints on terracotta. Paint 3-4 coats and let dry.
  • Spray the pots and saucers with few coats of clear spray paint to seal the color below. Let each coat dry before adding more.
  • Stack the pots with the smallest saucer on top and glue them together. Let dry completely.
  • Put your jewelry in this ethnic jewelry organizer.

These DIY jewelry organizers would have given you a clear idea as to how easy they are to make. Go and try your hand at any one!!

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