DIY Jeans Skirt Easily Convert Your Old Jeans into a Skirt

If you belong to the category that can’t do without their pair of jeans, then join the gang!! I just can’t let go off my favorite jeans. But I came across this great DIY idea of converting your jeans into a skirt and I just loved it…. Now I have a favorite jeans skirt!! You can really make your own DIY jeans skirt at home without much help.

Here’s how you can transform your favorite pair into a DIY jeans skirt:


  • Your favorite pair of old Jeans
  • Seam ripper
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine and thread


  • Remove the inside seam of the jeans from both the legs. Use a seam ripper.
DIY Jeans Skirt
DIY Jeans Skirt
  • It should ideally look like above with flared bells.

  • Fold the legs up to about an inch or so above the crotch area.
  • After measuring, make sure each leg is folded to the same length. Use your scissors and cut off the legs at the fold.
DIY Jeans Skirt
DIY Jeans Skirt
  • Turn the jeans over to the back and use a seam ripper and open the seam at the back. This way the denim material will fold over easier and not make a lump over your bum when the skirt is complete. The seam should be ripped at least extra 3 inches.

  • Use the extra fabric from the jeans legs. Insert the extra fabric between the legs to turn it into a skirt. Place the fabric into position under the legs on the back of the skirt and pin it down. When pinning makes sure that the back seam is pinned down as well to prevent a whale tail.

  • Insert another denim piece into the front and pin down.

  • After getting the front and back of skirt pieced together and pinned, it is time to sew up your jean skirt with a simple straight stitch.
  • Remove all the pins and use fabric scissors to cut the excess material. Trim the threads and sew the hem.

Your DIY jeans skirt is absolutely party ready!!

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