DIY Jeans Hacks That Make You Look Stylish Than Ever

DIY Jeans Hacks:

My jeans are like a second skin to me and I’m sure that many of you would agree with me on this one. Everyone loves a good pair of jeans and no matter how old you become you will always have a favorite pair of jeans. Jeans are trendy, give utmost comfort and can easily fit any body shape and size. So in case, you don’t wanna throw that old favorite of yours try some DIY jeans hacks….

  • If you’re bored and want to try a new look with your jeans try the super frayed hem. Cut the bottom of your jeans with scissors at your desired length and pull out the threads gently by hand. The more you pull the more dramatic the fray would be. Once you get the desired fray, wash em and dry em.
  • Change the look of your jeans with side slits. Split the seams of your jeans on the sides with scissors, starting at the hem to about a quarter way up the calf. The more you wear them and wash them, the more frayed and distressed the split seam will become.
  • A little bit of salt and water helps prevent any bleeding of your jeans. Just soak your jeans and then wash, it also prevents any further fading of the jeans.
  • Hang your jeans on shower hooks. Take the belt loop of the jeans and hang your jeans.
  • And if you’re short on hanging space then fold your jeans into 4 folds or just roll em to save on space.
  • Transform your jeans by opting for patches or some metal studs. This completely changes how your jeans look giving you a makeover in minutes.
  • If you love distressed jeans and don’t want to spend a fortune then all you have to do is to take sandpaper and scrap it horizontally on the jeans to get a distressed look.

I’m sure you would be raring to go and try these DIY jeans hacks. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back… give a new avatar to your jeans in minutes.

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