DIY IR Blaster – Control Any Device Easily

An IR (infrared) blaster is a device that emulates an infrared remote control to autonomously control a device that is normally controlled only by remote control key presses according to Wikipedia. In layman terms, it is a gadget that accepts some sort of input from your remote and blasts it via infrared to the IR compatible device you’re trying to control. DIY has become so interesting that you can make your own DIY IR blaster.

Here are the steps involved in making a DIY IR blaster:


  • an infrared (IR) LED
  • a 1k resistor (not sure if this is necessary, safety first)
  • a 1/8″ mono headphone plug with a couple feet of cable attached
  • some heat shrink tubing
  • duct tape


DIY IR Blaster

DIY IR Blaster

  • Connect the tip wire to the side of the LED with the longer lead (the side opposite the flat side of the LED).

  • Test the circuit by applying 3-5V to the 1/8”plug whose tip is positive. Use your digital camera to check if the LED is working.

  • Put heat shrink over the LED connections and the resistor to avoid short circuits.
  • Plug the DIY IR blaster into the jack marked IR at the back of your gadget. Use a strip of duct tape to secure the wires to the bottom of the cable box.
  • Bend the LED up to a point at the IR receiver box.
  • Configure the gadget using the setup guide and the DIY IR blaster is ready for use.

The DIY IR blaster can be made easily without much hassle. You can take the LED from an old remote to cut down on the expenses.

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