Creative DIY Indian Tricolor Rakhi That will Make Rakhi Colourful

DIY Indian Tricolor Rakhi:

Come august and the festivities start to take an all new color with Rakshabandhan and Independence Day all lined up on the same day in 2019. The markets are abuzz with flutter, rachis of all colors and sizes are abundantly lined up. What makes it special this year is that India’s Independence Day and Rakshabandhan are falling on the 15th of August 2019. The festival of Rakshabandhan is marked by the love a sister shows for her brother by tying a thread of love called rakhi on her sibling’s wrist. The festival is deep rooted in India’s culture and traditions. Nowhere in the world do you witness a festival as beautiful as this.

DIY Indian Tricolor Rakhi
DIY Indian Tricolor Rakhi

Combining the spirit of love and affection for the country and sisterly love, present your brother with a DIY Indian tricolor rakhi this year. Here is how you can make a DIY Indian tricolor rakhi:


  • Embroidery thread / silk thread in white, green and orange.
  • 5 cm cardboard


  • Take the small piece of cardboard and wrap the green embroidery thread around it. Remove cardboard and tie a green thread around the loop of green.
  • Take another piece of green thread and make a tassel of the green loop that we have made. Trim the edges to get even shape and size.
  • Similarly make tassels of white, orange and green. Total should be six in number.
  • Take a big needle with an orange thread and loop in the tassels in the sequence white, two green and two orange and the white one.
  • Tie the orange thread tightly to get a small pompom.
  • Take a toothbrush and brush the threads evenly.
  • Trim the edges for a smooth finish.
  • Take a small round piece of paper and glue it on the flattened pompom.
  • Take a stone and glue it on the piece of paper and surround it with a thin string of beads. Let dry.
  • Once done, glue it to the rakhi.
  • Take a thread or mouli and thread in some beads and glue it to the flattened pompom.
  • Your DIY Indian tricolor rakhi is ready.

Give your brother a gift of love with this DIY Indian tricolor rakhi.

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