Creative DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas That You Should Consider

DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas

DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas:

It isn’t surprising to know that the whole world is attracted deeply to the Indian culture and heritage. People overseas love the splash of colors that Indian households are filled with. Be it exquisite mirror work from Kutch, tie and dye work from Rajasthan, delicate embroidery from Kashmir and many others. These Indian crafts add a touch of culture to our homes too.

And if you still have been contemplating to add that Indian touch to your homes then try these DIY Indian home décor ideas to give that lift to your homes:

  • Transform your small living room into an exquisitely done area with simple additions the DIY way.
  • Get Dabu print fabric and get cushion covers and upholstery for your sofas and chairs. Add color by adding mirror work cushions and throws to the sofa.
  • Get a large picture of Indian god or goddess framed to give volume to your walls or mantelpiece.
  • Add a rug for a cozy feel to the room.
DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas

DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas

  • Use the antique furniture in your house as the centerpiece in your living space.
  • Use color as the lead artist and add glamour by using gota work or zari to the living room upholstery. Make cushion covers, table covers and mats for a bright and colorful effect to your living room.
  • Use brass figurines, plants and statutes to add that ethnic touch to your home décor.
DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas

DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas

  • Get a curio corner or a book shelf or design one using crates to make a beautiful corner for all your collectibles.
  • Decorate your brass, wooden and terracotta artefacts to display in the corner to give a traditional feel to the area.
DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas

DIY Indian Home Décor Ideas

  • Transform the living space into an inviting corner of the house by adding greenery in the house.
  • Use low seating stool with colorful cushions for sitting area.
  • Line up your books and curios in a wooden bookshelf for an organized look.
  • Use a dari instead of a carpet to give a more rustic look.

These DIY Indian home décor ideas will surely liven up your living space.

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