DIY Indian Headdress That You Might want to Try

DIY Indian Headdress

DIY Indian Headdress:

To complete a theme costume, an accompanying headdress is a must along with other matching accessories that give a defining edge to the entire look. A headgear gives authenticity to the entire costume. A headdress complements an Indian dress the most.

Here is a DIY Indian headdress:


  • Feathers – Get different colors of loose single feathers of different sizes.
  • Scissors
  • Foam backing
  • Glue gun
  • Decorative rope
  • Gems (for extra bling)
  • Cotton thread and a needle
  • Decorative chain
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Elastic (Same or very close to the width of your ribbon)
  • Use the decorative ribbon to mark out and cut the width of the foam backing of A4 foam. Cut a piece of decorative ribbon 1cm longer than the foam backing.
 DIY Indian Headdress

DIY Indian Headdress

  • To keep the edges of the decorative ribbon from fraying, hem the edges with glue gun.
 DIY Indian Headdress

DIY Indian Headdress

  • Lay down the first layer of feathers onto the foam backing. Use the longer ones as this will be the back layer. Using the glue gun to glue down the first layer. Repeat the same with a second layer of feathers. Take the feathery ribbon and glue the third layer. Take the decorative ribbon, cover its edges in glue and stick it on top of all 3 layers.
 DIY Indian Headdress

DIY Indian Headdress

  • Cut the elastic 6cm longer than the foam backing. With the glue gun, outline the backing with glue, then stick the elastic down firmly on top.
 DIY Indian Headdress

DIY Indian Headdress

  • Cut the ‘feathery ribbon’ down, leave roughly 6 cm on either side. Fold it nicely and glue it down to hide the join of the decorative ribbon.
 DIY Indian Headdress

DIY Indian Headdress

  • Take the left over ribbon and place glue along the bottom edge. Roll it around the end of the rope to get feather tassels dangling on either end. Put a thin line of glue on the bottom edge of the decorative ribbon and run the rope along it, holding it down while it sets. Leave an equal amount of rope to hang down on either side.
  • Secure the pieces properly with a little extra glue down.

Try this DIY Indian headdress to complete your dress.

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