DIY Indian Costume Ideas You Might Want to Try

DIY Indian Costume:

When it comes to partying, costumes play a major role, especially when it’s a theme party. A hassle free way to a costume for a theme party is when it can be easily made at home, the DIY way without shelling out a bomb for it. This one here is one that I made for my kids costume part. The Indian feast.

DIY Indian Costume
DIY Indian Costume

Here is how you can make a DIY Indian costume:


  • 2 t-shirts, one round neck and another men’s full sleeves t shirt.
  • Sewing kit


  • Get hold of two tan/brown color round neck Tshirts.
  • With one women’s t-shirt, turn the t-shirt inside out and draw a diagonal line from the edge of the neck to the bottom edge of the t-shirt on both sides.
  • Pin the shirt together along both lines, and stitch down the lines with a sewing machine. Trim off the excess fabric along the seams.
  • The sides of the skirt will be the shortest part, so put the skirt on your child and mark the length you want on the sides.
  • Find the middle of the front of the skirt, and draw a line from the marks you made on the sides to the bottom middle of the skirt. Cut through both layers of the skirt along the lines.
  • Now fringe the ends of the skirt (both layers at the same time). You need to start from the middle and move out toward the sides. Turn the skirt right-side out.
  • With the men’s full sleeves t-shirt, put the long-sleeved shirt on your child and mark the length you would like for sleeve fringe. Cut the sleeves off along your line.
  • Then Fringe the sleeves, and cut a V-shape out of the front neckline.
  • Partially stitch closed the arm holes to make them fit your child’s arms. If your child wants to wear another shirt underneath, you may be able to skip that step.
  • Using the same method you used on the skirt, cut the bottom of the tunic to a point and fringe it.
  • Your theme DIY Indian costume is ready to rock!

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