DIY Indian Clubs That Are Too Easy to Make

DIY Indian Clubs:

If you’re into fitness training and body building you would understand what exactly I’m talking about. And even you don’t, the let me enlighten you!! The Indian clubs date back to thousands of years. They are a type of equipment used for exercising to develop mobility and strength. They are in the shape of bowling pins made out of wood and are of varying sizes and weights. The Indian clubs were frequently used by Indian soldiers to improve agility, balance, physical ability and strength. The ‘gada’ as it called in Hindi are common in akharas or wrestling arenas. The Indian clubs were taken by the British in the 19th century and made popular across the globe.

DIY Indian Clubs That Are Too Easy to Make
DIY Indian Clubs That Are Too Easy to Make

Here is how you can make your own DIY Indian clubs:


  • Kids plastic baseball bat
  • Funnel
  • Athletic tape
  • Adhesive caulk/ seal
  • Play sand


  • Take the plastic kids baseball bat and widen the small hole at the top of the bat from where you hold it.
  • Once the hole is made take a funnel and fit it into the hole.
  • Take a bag of play sand and pour the sand into the baseball bat until the bat is completely full.
  • Take an athletic caulk or seal and close the hole on the top of the baseball bat and let dry.
  • Once the seal has dried, take athletic tape and tie it over the end and down the length of the handle of the baseball bat.
  • Wrap the baseball bat handle from top to bottom at least twice.
  • Your DIY Indian clubs are ready for use. Do take note that it is important to train under a qualified instructor to assist you with proper usage and sports-specific exercises.

DIY Indian clubs are a great way to build body stamina and the upper body too. They are being used widely by fitness enthusiasts all around the world.

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