Creative DIY Indian Chief Costume That Are Too Easy to Make

DIY Indian Chief Costume:

Dressing up is always an exciting thing especially if it’s for a party. Whether you choose an animated character or a typical character, theme parties are quite fun to indulge in.

Trying out a DIY Indian chief costume can be a brilliant disguise for the next party. Here is how you can make a DIY Indian chief costume easily:


  • Brown or tan fabric
  • Small amount of tan felt for headband
  • Bag of craft feathers
  • Beads of different shapes and sizes
  • Rick rack (that zigzag shaped trim), in whatever colors you’d like
  • Glitter glue sticks or paint
  • Hot glue gun and regular glue sticks
  • Thin wire
  • Khaki pants


  • You can use brown, tan, or whatever color you prefer for the
  • After measuring the fabric, fold in half and in the middle of the fold, cut a slit for the head to slip through. Cut the T-shirt with a vertical slit, for a V-shaped neckline. Either way, just cut a few inches, then cut around the hole every 1/2″ or so to make fringe–that will make the opening large enough to slip over their heads.
  • Then, just go around the whole piece of fabric, and cut fringe the same way you did at the neckline. After doing this, either sew up the sides (on the outside, right beside the fringe), leaving plenty of room for her arms to slip through. Or sew on lengths of ribbon on each side, to tie the front and back together.
  • Take khaki pants and add fringe to make Indian chief’s pants.
  • For the headdress, use paper strip, tape and bird feathers.
DIY Indian Chief Costume
DIY Indian Chief Costume
  • Cut a stiff paper strip long enough to fit around your head.
  • Cut notches at each end that fit into each other or put threads to tie the band around your head.
  • Line up the feathers in a row on the inside and tape them down.
  • Your headdress is ready.

Wear the DIY Indian chief costume and flatter the world around with your war cry.

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