DIY Handbag Ideas For Girls Who Love Collecting Different Handbags

Handbags are every girl’s addiction and everyone loves to collect different types of handbags in their wardrobe. So, why not we make it at our homes?

Given below is the step by step method of implementing DIY Handbag Ideas:

DIY Handbag Ideas
DIY Handbag Ideas


1/2 yard green print (bag)

6-x-24-inch piece stable synthetic leather (bag sides, strap)

1/3 yard light green print (lining)

1/3 yard fusible interfacing

1/3 yard clear, heavyweight vinyl (liner)

2 brad rings

Magnetic snap closure

Polyester thread

Step 1: Cut Your Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From green print, cut: 2 10-1/2-x-13-1/2-inch rectangles

2 2-inch-diameter circles

From synthetic leather, cut: 1  2-1/2-x-24-inch strip (or desired length for strap)   2  1-1/2-x-20-1/2-inch strips

From light green print, cut: 2 10-1/2-x-15-1/2-inch lining rectangles

From fusible interfacing, cut: 2 10-1/2-x-15-1/2-inch rectangles

From clean, heavyweight vinyl, cut: 2 10-x-16-inch rectangles

Step 2: Sew Bag

Sew together long edges of green print rectangles to make 13-1/2-x-20-1/2-inch bag rectangle. Press seam open.

Join synthetic leather 1-1/2-x-20-1/2-inch strips to opposite edges of bag rectangle. Finger-press each seam toward fabric center; topstitch 1/8 inch from the seam.

Fold bag rectangle in half on seam line; sew together side edges. Finger-press seams open.

Step 3: shape the bag

To shape flat bottom for bag, at one corner match bottom seam line to side seam line, creating a flattened triangle (Diagram 3). Measuring 2 1/8 inches from point of the triangle, draw a 4-1/4-inch-long line across triangle. Sew on drawn line. Trim excess fabric. Repeat with remaining bottom corner to make bag body. Turn bag body right side out and finger-press.

Following manufacturer’s instructions, fuse 10-1/2-x-15-1/2-inch interfacing rectangle to the wrong side of each light green print 10-1/2-x-15-1/2-inch lining rectangle. The interfacing gives the fabric more body and helps the bag retain its shape.

Repeat Sew Bag, Step 1, with lining rectangles, leaving a 4-inch opening in the seam, to make a 15-1/2-x-20-1/2-inch pieced lining rectangle. Press seam open.

Repeat Sew Bag, Step 3, with pieced lining rectangle.

Repeat Finish Bag, Step 1, to shape bottom corners of lining. Do not turn lining right side out.

Insert bag body into the lining, right sides together. Sew together around the top edge.

Turn bag body and lining to right side through opening in lining bottom seam. Topstitch opening closed. Push lining down into bag body and press upper edge of the bag from lining side, taking care to avoid synthetic leather. Topstitch 3/16 inch from the upper edge through all layers.

Secure Brad Ring

Center brad ring on bag synthetic leather strip, 3/8 inch from bag top edge.

Trace inner hole of the ring on a synthetic leather strip. Cutaway marked hole, cutting through synthetic leather and lining at the same time (use a seam ripper to make a small cut through all layers to start hole). Following manufacturer’s directions, secure a brad ring to the side edge of the bag. Repeat to secure the ring to opposite side edge.

Step 4: Sew Strap

Fold one long edge of the synthetic leather 2-1/2-x-24-inch strip under 1 inch. Finger-press under 1/2 inch along remaining long edge. Topstitch 1/4 inch from folded edges to make bag strap.

Finish Strap

Insert one end of the strap through brad ring and fold back 1 inch to the underside of the strap. Sew through all layers to secure strap (Diagram 6). Repeat with remaining strap end and brad ring.

Step 5: Add Magnetic Closure

Turn under edge of green print 2-inch-diameter circle; baste. Blanket-stitch fabric circle to the center top of the light green print lining, 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving a 1-inch opening at the top. Insert one half of magnetic snap closure into fabric circle pocket; blanket-stitch circle closed. Repeat with a remaining green print circle and another half of closure on opposite side of the lining.

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