DIY Furniture – Ideas That Are Easy To Implement

The high costs involved when buying furniture can be a big turnoff, especially when you want a stylish and suitable custom made furniture. However, the one thing that can turn the tables is DIY furniture. With everyday materials, you can make extraordinary furniture creations.

Here are some great ideas to make your very own DIY furniture:

Cushioned old drawer into a footrest

DIY Furniture
DIY Furniture

You want an ottoman this one is the easiest to make


  • A sturdy drawer
  • 4 X 4’s legs
  • Wood glue
  • Screws
  • Plyboard 2 X 4’s
  • Foam and fabric
  • Stapler


  • Take a sturdy drawer which is big and add some legs. Use wood glue to bind them. Let dry.
  • Flip over the drawer and use three screws for each leg to attach them, screw from inside.
  • Make the top from a plywood board. Use a 2 X 4’s on the inside so the lid doesn’t slide around.
  • Take some foam the size of the board and glue it on the board.
  • Take the fabric and tightly cover the foam. Staple the fabric on the base of the board.
  • Paint the handle of the drawer and let dry.
  • Your ottoman is ready to give your feet some rest after a long day.


Log tables with chair legs


  • (2) salvaged metal office chair bases
  • (2) circular slices of wood (about 3″ thick)
  • 80-grit and 120-grit sandpaper
  • dark wax
  • wood screws
  • drill
  • level
  • palm sander
  • wood scrapper


  • Remove the bark from the side of the wood log. Prep the wood. Sand both pieces of wood entirely including the sides. Wipe away the dust with a damp rag and let it dry.
  • Put Dark Wax On the Top Of The Wood. Rub it in a circular motion for best results. Let it dry and repeat the process.
  • Lay the wood face down on a drop cloth. Place the metal legs in the center of the wood.  Use a shim if the Legs are slanted to make sure the legs will sit level. Double check with a level.
  • Place a washer over a screw and drill it into place securing the base of the wood. Use a level to ensure evenness, tighten or loosen the screws accordingly.
  • Your log table is ready.

These DIY furniture not only look good but also add a definite style to your home.

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