DIY Explosion Box | Simple Ideas With 5 Easy Steps

Greeting cards turn out to be one of the most favorable choices when it comes to giving something to your loved ones on any occasion. Either it is birthday, anniversary, party, or anything Our words hidden in sealed envelopes have been helping us mark some of life’s most momentous moments for ages. But what if I say, I can help you to take your greeting cards onto the next level? Let’s do this, yes I am talking about the explosion box. Explosion box is a hidden gem you didn’t know you were missing out on. You might be thinking to yourself, “what’s an explosion box anyways?” well, you don’t need to worry. Here we have full explained steps of how to make a DIY explosion box and your loved ones would love it.

diy explosion box
DIY explosion box

Step – 1

Collect all the materials

  1. Printable Template— these are ready-made templates that are provided online. All you’ll need to do is select the theme that’s fit for the occasion you’re celebrating, download the template and print it out.
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue – any type of glue would work.
  4. Paper clips
  5. Small Personal Items — Small personal items like photographs, stickers or other personal mementos that you can place inside of the explosion box will help make your box unique for any recipient.

Step – 2

Print out the Template you love and cut it accordingly

Now, as you have selected a template, you’ll just download the template of choice, print it out and cut the layers where necessary. Your template will include four different layers, a lid and additional design elements for decorating.

Step – 3

Fold your Explosion box

Carefully fold the square edges of each layer. You can use a ruler to help you create folds if you’d like to, this will help ensure everything stays straight.

Step – 4

Glue them up

Now put all of the pieces together. Add some layers this will give you more room to write down your good wishes and notes for your recipient. Add adhesive to the backside of each center square to attach each layer to one another. Allow time for the adhesive to dry.

Step – 5

Put it all together

Now put the explosion box together, add necessary stuff and also the lid. You can personalize your box according to your choice and occasion. You can add photos, memos, stamps, stickers etc. Of your choice.

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