DIY Electric Bike | Steps That Are Simple and Cost Effective

DIY Electric Bike

Riding bikes in childhood seem to be much interesting than to ride a motorcycle or any other vehicle. Riding a bike can be a sport, a hobby or anything but its fun. But buying a bicycle for fun can be too hard on your wallet but we have something stored here for you. Is it not more amazing and interesting if it is homemade? Yes, you heard it correct, today we have some simple steps to make an electric bike at home. You may be surprised by how effective a DIY e-bike can be, and how closely the specs of a name-brand e-bike can be matched or exceeded with nothing more than a kit and a few hours in your garage. Given below are the steps to make a DIY electric bike at your homes.

You can use an electric bicycle conversion kit to make an e-bike. Electric bicycle conversion kits include all the bolt-on parts you will need to convert a standard bicycle into an electric bicycle. If you want to go up to 30 mph (48 km/h), you can find many kits as well as batteries to handle that job. Generally speaking, you’ll be looking at a 1,000 W direct drive kit and a 48V Li-ion battery.

For my fast electric bicycle though, I am going to choose a 1,500 W kit from West Coast Electric Cycles, based in Washington. For a kit that requires such speeds, I feel more confident buying from a local company with a good reputation. I spoke with WCEC’s owner Barent Hoffman about my project goals, and he helped me find the right kit as well as the Motobecane donor bike. Barent has been building fast electric bicycles for years and stocks crazy high power kits at WCEC. The 1,500 W kit I’m using is actually the tamest of the options. Many of his customers are electric bicycle racers.

Now, after adding batteries and stuff, Follow the directions in the conversion kit for installing some other electronic parts using the included hardware. Use the provided bolts to secure the speed controller to the frame of the bike above the chain. Then, attach the throttle to the handlebars so it’s easy to reach. secure the speed sensor to the back wheel and connect any displays and gauges to the handlebars with the included hardware. Now, you’ll just need to plug the connector on the speed controller into the connector on the battery, then repeat the process for the throttle. Be sure not to touch the battery wires together, as this could create a dangerous spark!

And you are done with all the hard parts. Now just mount your batteries, Most electronic bicycle batteries are designed to fit on the frame in place of a water bottle holder. This is the ideal placement since it keeps the center of gravity low. Use the included hardware to attach the battery to the frame as indicated by the instructions that came with the battery. Or else, you could place the battery in a box or basket on the front or back of the bike, particularly if it is too large to fit well on the frame.

DIY Electric Bike

DIY Electric Bike

Just secure all the loose cables or wires and tie them together, use zip-ties to attach any loose parts to the frame. Keep safety in mind as you don’t want any cables to get caught while you’re riding.

And now your bike is absolutely ready to ride.

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