DIY Earrings Ideas For Those Who Love Unique & Attractive Things

Are you also a craft lover? Do you also love unique and attractive things?  Have you seen cute and adorable earrings at shops and crushed over those but just couldn’t buy them? You are one of the million teenagers who do! We have a piece of good news for you, one thought just came into our minds that is, why not let’s make something different and unique which is worth the efforts. So, we have come up with a list of some amazing ideas for DIY earrings. Let’s have a look!

DIY Earrings
DIY Earrings

With these ideas, you can get fun and fabulous at a fraction of the cost. Customized to your liking, too, in your favorite colors and materials. A lot of these earrings do not need an overflowing-jewelry-making-skills to pull-off.

DIY Glitter Tops

You can make these with some buttons and glitters. This is really easy to make and will look classy and sassy.

DIY Zipper Earrings

This is something funky yet interesting. Get some small zippers and attach a normal base of tops to it with the help of glue. And here you go with your zipper earrings.

DIY Round Big Earrings

You just need some seed beads and wire to recreate this Anthropologie Inspired Earrings from Happiness Wherever. It will cost you such a minimal cost and will give you so much in return.

DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Just like the above ones you need a bendable wire with some good colored pom poms and that’s all! You are ready to rock the floor with your pretty face and amazing earrings.

DIY Boho Chic Pearl Earrings

These are amazing for your beach look. Just use a bendable wire, a pearl, and a hook to connect and you are done!

DIY Wood Earrings

These are some amazing wood parts that will look fab on you. Just cut the light wood carefully in any shape that you like and connect them with the help of glue or wire and you are done with it!

DIY Fringe Earrings

Take it or leave it this awesome diamonds and arrows design earrings are on point! Easy to make and has cheap materials makes you wanna create dozens of it!

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