DIY Drone Kit India – Build Your Own Drone Today

DIY Drone Kit India

World over the craze of the drones is riding high. There are drone racing competitions, drone photography competitions and much much more. Like the world over, India is not far behind in this drone madness. Drones are everywhere as gifts, hobby ideas and more. For all you enthusiasts based in India, there are many drone kits available here too. These DIY drone kit India gives people a way to experiment with drone building and flying.

A DIY drone kit India allows you a lot of freedom to modify and customize your drone. These kits are fun, affordable and unique if you are a drone enthusiast.

Here is a list of DIY drone kit in India:

DIY Drone Kit India

DIY Drone Kit India

1. LHI 220 Quadcopter kit full carbon frame. This is a popular drone kit that has a beautiful appearance and stable structure for a smooth flight. The components in the kit are unassembled and are recommended to use 6CH radio system for better performance. This drone kit with a camera (700TVL), Li-Po battery (1500mah) and a transmitter (TX-600mW power supply).

2. OCDAY 250 Racing Quadcopter: This kit includes a camera, distributor plate, flight controller, image transmission, propellers, motors, hobbywing ESC and a frame kit.                                     3. LHI 250 mm pro pure carbon fiber Quadcopter: The pure carbon copter kit is light weighted and highly reliable. Kit includes Aluminium spacer and rubber damper for decreasing the vibration at the time of flying. It also has stabilizing hardware that makes the airframe to fly from a fixed wing of a copter and is monitored using a ground control station board. The power supply is used to enhance the ability to eliminate the interference of the magnetic field. You can easily plug and play this outstanding device with less effort.

4.  Hobbypower DIY 250 Mini Quadcopter H250: The components of the kit are very strong, smooth flight structure and are the best choice for kids to play with. It builds up the ability of children to think and understand the concepts practically. To make your drone fly you just need a separate battery, remote control and is necessary to maintain 1000-1800mah power supply.

5. QWinOut F550 RC hexacopter Aerial FPV ARF upgrade kit: This kit is primarily designed for beginners who have a passion for designing electronic gadgets. The overall performance of this hexacopter kit is good as it features the brushless motors and controllers. You can make the copter fly by using a remote controller.  6. Sun founder Q250 FPV quadcopter Drone frame kit: It is an X-shape copter which is more efficient and flexible than H-shape which makes use of flight controller, motor, and ESC to run the drone. Weighs about 476 grams and can fly up to 11 minutes with a supply voltage of 11.1V.

7. USAQ F45- Quadcopter drone kit APM2.8 flight controller: It performs the tasks similar to the other drone kits and the special feature that made to list is the controller options. In this kit, a new version of the APM2.8 flight controller is used for GPS and programming the flight. For the recommended battery configuration motors and propellers should be matched.

DIY Drone Kit India

DIY Drone Kit India


8. AICase Cheerson TINY 117 Mini FPV DIY racing quadcopter: This drone kit with VR glasses is recommended for children above 14 years. It is possible to make the drone fly in both indoor and outdoor environments. You just need to assemble the electronic parts on your own and control the flight through remote over a distance of 500 meters.

These DIY drone kit India are available online and in the market as well.

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