DIY Dress Ideas — Modify Old Boring Clothes Into Amazing New Ones

Are you also tired of wearing the same old thing or looking like everyone else? You don’t have to spend a ton of money or shop for hours to get a new wardrobe. Instead of getting new clothes or throwing out your old ones, you can use some tips on DIY Dress Ideas that are mentioned below to recycle your old clothes and modify your wardrobe.

diy dress ideas

diy dress ideas

You can make a cute and interesting strapless dress from an oversized t-shirt. The shirt should be large enough to come down to your knees.

For this, you need to cut the sleeves of the shirt off, and then cut the seam of the sleeves to open them up into a long piece of fabric. Put the sleeves flat on a table and cut two identical rectangles out of the sleeves without cutting the finished hem of the sleeves. These will be the top of the dress. Then, cut a straight line across the top of the shirt just under the neckline. Discard the neckline of the shirt that you cut off. Cut the large portion of the shirt that’s left up the sides to create two identical large rectangles of fabric. These will be the body of the dress. Then by using a sewing machine to sew the smaller rectangles of fabric to the bottom larger body pieces of fabric. You should end up with two dress pieces, the front, and the back. Make sure you sew the wrong sides of the fabric together.

Sew the front of the dress to the back of the dress, by sewing the sides together. Then, sew elastic for under the bust of the dress. Sew the elastic onto the dress right where the top piece meets the body piece. Stretch the elastic as you sew it.

Cut any excess fabric beyond where you sewed on the top or sides. Then, turn the dress right side out.

And your dress is ready!

You can also modify your dress by adding some patches, embroidery, or anything that you think will match your dress.

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