Easy Creative Ideas: DIY Door Hanging Handmade Toran From Woollen

DIY Door Hanging:

A door hanging toran or bandhanwar is a colorful way to welcome all positivity to one’s homes. The dash of color makes the house inviting and warm. India has a long standing tradition of putting torans on the entrance to the house. From time immemorial torans have been made of the leaves of mango and marigold flowers, an auspicious way to attract positivity and keep away any negative vibes. Door hanging torans from woolen twine is also very popular in India.

DIY Door Hanging
DIY Door Hanging

Here is an easy way to make a DIY door hanging toran from woolen and bangles:

Materials required:


Wool twine (any color you like)


  • Take a bangle and roll wool around the entire curve of it. Cover the bangle in such a way that the bangle is covered entirely.
  • Take another wool twine and make pomp oms with it. Make colorful pompoms big and small.
  • Take a pencil and roll the wool around the entire length and pull the the two ends to make a small flower. Place a small pearl or metallic ball in between to make it attractive.
  • Tie this to the bangle and glue it so that it comes in the middle of the bangle and hangs in between.
  • Take 2 small pompoms and 1 big pompom and put beads in the wool so that you have sets of 3 pompoms.
  • Tie these set of 3 pompoms to the bangle and glue it neatly.
  • Make 8-10 sets of these bangles with pompoms.
  • Take a long cardboard strip put some glue on it and start rolling wool around it. Use different color wool to give it an appealing look.
  • Using a needle and some wool tie the bangle sets on the cardboard strip neatly in a sequence.
  • Take some more wool and with a needle pierce the opposite ends and put and extra-long string of wool to hang it on the door.

These DIY door hanging toran from woolen add a colorful hue to the entrance of any home and make them even more inviting.

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