DIY Dollhouse With Some Simple Creative Steps

For hours I’ve seen my daughter play with her numerous dolls happily. She would be joined by a few of her friends and they would happily chatter away. Placing the dolls in the dollhouse and creating a new memories every day. But dollhouse’s come with a hefty price tag. A better option is to work with your kids to make their DIY dollhouse.

Here is a creative DIY dollhouse idea:

Cardboard DIY doll house


Diy Dollhouse
Diy Dollhouse

– Cardboard box (at least 30 x 40 cm)

– Scissors and matt knife

– Hot glue gun or wood glue

– Pencil

– Marker pen Black


  • Cut the top of the box, bottom and longer sides open.
  • Plan the order of the walls from the pieces. Mark lead points where you intend to attach the pieces of cardboard to each other.
  • Cut the holes in the door openings into pieces.
  • Cross the wall pieces and cut vertically at the points where the walls will be facing each other. Cut from the top to the middle of the first wall and from the bottom to the middle the next. If the incisions are thin enough, the walls will stay upright even without glue.
  • Make furniture from extra pieces of cardboard.
  • Decorate the furniture with a black pen.

Suitcase DIY Dollhouse


  • An old hard shell suitcase
  • 2-3 wood pieces cut to size (width x depth of case) I’ve used some old narrow shelving.
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Blackboard paint and paintbrush
  • Chalk
  • Decorative paper, and felt (optional)
  • Doll house furniture


  • Clean your suitcase thoroughly, vacuum out the inside and give the exterior a wipe with a damp cloth.
    – Measure the interior of the case to determine the size of your wood inserts = width x depth of bottom of case.
    – Cut wood to size, you may need to round off back corners if your case has curved edges.
  • Diy Dollhouse
    Diy Dollhouse

    – Screw in inserts from the outside of the case.

  • Diy Dollhouse
    Diy Dollhouse

    – Give the exterior 2 coats of Chalkboard paint. Let dry.
    – Time to decorate the interior. Add some felt on the lower floor as carpet but liked the look of the hardwood floors on the other levels. You can add decorative papers on the walls, be creative.
    – Rather than cutting out holes for windows and doors, draw the house facade on with chalk. You can just wipe it off and change it’s look whenever you like.
    – Fill it with miniature furniture.

These DIY dollhouse are a great way to play with your kids and get them doing creative things.

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