DIY Dog Bed — Best Ideas For Your Furry Friend

Not only is your furry friend your best friend but also a companion for life. They shower us with unconditional love and support. Whether you’re a pet lover or not at some point or another you have smilingly acknowledged their presence. Like you… your dog needs a good night’s sleep and time to relax… keeping this in mind a good dog bed can be very comforting. A DIY dog bed can be even better… it is your way to show your love.

Here are some cool ideas to make a DIY dog bed.

DIY suitcase dog bed

DIY Dog Bed

DIY Dog Bed


  • Vintage Suitcase (hard shell)
  • Tools like a hammer, screwdriver
  • Pillow
  • Pillow Sham


  • Open the suitcase and examine how it is hinged together.
  • If it is screwed together, then you just need to unscrew the top half of the suitcase from the bottom half. If it is attached by some other means, then you will have to break out the hammer.
  • Discard the top half of the suitcase.
  • Cover a pillow with the sham of your choice.
  • Place the pillow in the suitcase and tuck the corners in. You can make your own custom pillow too.

DIY crate dog bed

DIY Dog Bed

DIY Dog Bed


  • Wooden Crate
  • Four wooden candle holders or small furniture legs
  • Wood glue
  • Wood stain
  • Paint
  • Permanent marker


  • Knock off the top wood planks on the side with a hammer.
  • Apply the wood varnish or stain to the crate and the legs and let sit for 10 minutes before wiping off the excess.
  • Use candle holders or legs for the base of the crate.
  • Paint your crate with the color you like and let dry.

  • Take wood glue and stick the legs to the crate.
  • Lastly, fold a big fuzzy blanket and put it in the crate. You can also make a custom pillow.

These DIY dog beds are not only easy but also fuzzy and cute and your pet will love rolling in it.

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