DIY Diya Decoration ideas You Might be Interested in

DIY Diya Decoration:

Diwali is a time for rejoicing and celebrating the festival of lights with lots of sweets and crackers. The time for cleanliness drive and decorating the house with new things. Diwali is the time to go on a shopping spree for clothes, home, family and friends too. It is a time to welcome goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh into the house and ask for their blessings. Diwali as a festival is steeped in history. It was celebrated centuries ago to welcome Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman back to Ajodhya from their exile and victory over Ravan. People lighted diyas to spread festive joy. Nowadays with lights and candles available easily, people no longer use just the diyas to light their homes. But this Diwali, with some DIY Diya decoration, place some beautifully decorated diyas in your home to bring in the festivities.

Here is how you can do some DIY Diya decoration:

  • Colorful diyas

DIY Diya Decoration

DIY Diya Decoration

Buy some terracotta diyas. Choose the colors you want to decorate the diya with. You can use water colors or acrylic paints. Mix the colors and paint the diyas in different colors. Allow the diyas to dry. Once the diyas dry, take some white paint or pearls or glitter to embellish the diya. These DIY Diya decoration looks elegant and is easy too.

  • Patterned diyas

DIY Diya Decoration

DIY Diya Decoration

There are many shapes and patterns of diyas available in the market nowadays. You can simply use them or decorate them with some color and embellishments to give a festive look.

Take these conch shaped diyas. Take some metallic acrylic paint and color them in a different or similar color as per your color scheme. Allow the paint to dry. Take some glitter or shiny stones and embellishment and glue them on the diya. Use tube paints to embellish the diya further. Allow to dry and your diya decoration is done.

  •  Peacock Diya

DIY Diya Decoration

DIY Diya Decoration

This is a great idea for anyone. Buy some terracotta diyas and color them in blue. Allow the paint to dry. Take some molding clay and color it blue. Shape some clay as shown in the picture and glue it to the Diya. Allow drying. Make the plumage and embellish it with some glitter and carve some lines on it. Glow it to the diya and your beautiful DIY peacock diya decoration is done.

These wonderful ideas for DIY diya decoration will help add some more color to your home and festive spirit this Diwali.

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