DIY Diwali Lantern Ideas to Might Want to Know About

DIY Diwali Lantern:

The festival of lights always seems to bring on the joyous spirit in our hearts and homes. Decorating the house with lights, diyas, lanterns, flower strings and so much more adds to the festival fervor. The festival of Diwali always seems to bring loved ones closer. DIY becomes one such way to huddle up together and indulge is some fun activity making DIY Diwali lantern for the home.

Here is a great idea on how you can make a DIY Diwali lantern:


  • The cardstock you can use either standard or textured cardstock.
  • A Pencil and Eraser
  • Thumb Tack
  • Scissors or a Paper Cutter
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Stencils or templates if you want a particular design


  • Take a cardstock and make a design of choice on it. Ensure that the design is in the front center of the cardstock. Draw the design lightly so that it doesn’t show prominently on the paper once the lamp is done.
  • Place the paper on a foam board or a piece of Styrofoam. Take a thumbtack and start punching holes with it on the market design.
  • Avoid poking holes too close to one another as the paper can tear.
  • Make holes with the thumbtack all along with the design that you have sketched till complete.
  • Once you have punched all the holes, erase the pencil marks with an eraser so that no pencil marks remain on the paper.
  • Exercise extreme care so as not to tear the paper.
DIY Diwali Lantern
DIY Diwali Lantern
  • Take the cardstock paper and cut it into strips. You can make tall Diwali lanterns and shorter ones as well. The tall ones measure 6.5″ x 11″ and the short ones 4″ x 11″.
  • Take a cylindrical tube-like a big candle or a kitchen tissue roll and secure the cardstock with double tape.
  • Your DIY Diwali lantern is ready. Place the lamp around electric diyas or candles. You can place a ribbon and hang the Diwali lantern as well with a bulb fixed to get beautiful looking lights for your home.

This DIY Diwali lantern is as easy as it looks. Mix and match smaller and bigger lanterns to make a corner more inviting.

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