DIY Crafts With Paper You Can Make Your Kid learn Something New

DIY Crafts With Paper:

Vacations can be a fun time to learn new things. A break from the monotony and rigors of school, home and office. And what better than to try your hand at some exciting and easy DIY crafts with paper!

DIY Crafts With Paper
DIY Crafts With Paper

DIY paper flowers

Materials required:

  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Cut the colored paper into strips of width 2 inches at least and length of choice.
  • You can choose a single color or a mix of colors as per your choice of colored paper.
  • Make a thin fold along with any one of the vertical edges of the paper strips.
  • Fold the paper strip into half and cut the paper strip horizontally leaving 1 cm of strip along the vertical edge.
  • Cut horizontal fringes in equal spacing for a uniform look.
  • Keep the fringes as thin as possible to make the flowers pretty.
  • Start rolling each of the fringes from the end to the top.
  • Roll the fringes into swirls one by one.
DIY Crafts With Paper
DIY Crafts With Paper
  • Cut a long strip of 2 x 10 inches of green colored paper and roll it diagonally from end to another.
  • Roll a strip of green paper and make stems out of it. Glue the ends together to secure it.
DIY Crafts With Paper
DIY Crafts With Paper
  • Take the paper swirls and apply glue on the vertical edge.
  • Gently wrap the swirl paper onto the green stem.
  • Roll the swirl onto the stem and keep gluing till the swirl paper ends.
  • Allow it to dry.
  •    Take some green colored paper and cut small squares 2 x 3 inches out of it.
  • Fold the paper in accordion fold of 1 cm each.
  • Cut one side of the accordion fold into a pointy shape.
  • Unfold the paper and glue the paper onto the stem just below the swirly paper flowers.

Your DIY paper flowers are ready.

Other DIY crafts with paper include the following:

  • DIY paper wall art
  • DIY paper wall art craft
  • DIY Japanese paper puzzle

DIY crafts with paper offers numerous opportunities to play with paper and create the most unusual and beautiful things.

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