DIY Clock — Take You Back To The Good Old Days of Childhood

The clock is no longer the invisible member of any home, nowadays it holds a place of significance everywhere it is placed. A clock has become a piece of art. As kids many times we have got a school project to make a clock at home. Who would’ve thought that this was the beginning of a DIY clock rage?

Here is a great DIY clock idea

Lego clock

DIY Clock

DIY Clock



  • If have your kid’s Lego lying at home all you have to do is take a big lego base board and find the center.
  • After marking the center, take small blocks and mark the time as you wish.
  • Make a hole in the center with a drill.
  • Place the clock kit snugly.
  • Take a hook and glue it at the back and let dry.
  • Once dry, place a cell and your clock is ready.


Vintage bicycle wheel clock

DIY Clock

DIY Clock

This one is even more interesting.


  • Bicycle wheel
  • Paint can lid
  • Glue
  • Clock kit
  • Scrap paper


  • Take a bicycle wheel and remove the rubber tube to get the steel rim.
  • Take a paint can lid and drill a hole in the center.

  • Cover the center of the lid with scrap paper and screw in the clock kit.

  • Take zip ties and wrap it around the spokes of the bicycle tire rim to attach the clock kit.
  • Pick up wooden or metal numbers and place them on the wall.
  • Your bicycle tire clock is ready to be the hub of everyone’s attention.

These DIY clock ideas get the creative mind pumping and take you back to the good old days of childhood.

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