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DIY Camera

The smartphone has extinguished the camera, but like a phoenix, the camera has risen from the ashes and reclaimed its place in the sky. There is no doubt that the smartphone is a very convenient way to take pictures but the picture quality of a camera is unsurpassable. And if you’re looking to spend some quality time doing something constructive, then DIY camera is just the project for you.

Here’s how to make a pinhole camera:


  • Sharp pencil
  • An empty shoe box with a lid
  • knife (ask an adult)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Wax paper
  • Tape
  • Blanket


  • Use the point of a sharp pencil to punch a hole in one of the shorter ends of the shoe box.
  • Cut a square in the opposite end of the box, directly across from the hole. The square should measure 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) on each side.
  • Use scissors to cut a square of wax paper that measures 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) on each side.

  • Place the wax paper directly over the square you cut in the box. Tape the edges of the wax paper to the box.
  • Take the camera box to a dimly lit room and turn on a lamp. Stand about 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the lamp.
  • Cover your head and pinhole camera with a blanket. Be sure that the end with the wax paper is facing you and the end with the pinhole is facing the lamp.

  • Hold your pinhole camera at arm’s length from your face and aim it at the lamp. Keep it steady until you see an upside-down image of the lamp.

A fun craft activity this DIY camera will engage kids and adults alike.

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