DIY Bottle Art – Ideas for Decoration and Making a Bird Feeder

More than a billion plastic bottles are produced in our country each year, mostly for beverages, drinks, water, etc. And more than half of them end up in landfills. If we consider all the factors, this is not at all good for the environment. Avoid landfilling of plastic bottles and try to recycle them as much as possible. You can recycle a plastic bottle in many ways and make much DIY art with bottles. You can use them for decoration, you can make a bird feeder, or what not. Before recycling a plastic bottle, first prepare the bottle for recycling. DIY Bottle Art.

To check, first check the bottom of the bottle, you will see a number between 1 and 7 these numbers determine the quality of the plastic and whether it can be recycled or not. Rinse the bottle thoroughly with water and then remove the labels if necessary. Now your bottle is ready to be recycled.  Here are some options for you to choose from, to make an easy DIY Bottle Art.

DIY Bottle Art
DIY Bottle Art

Make a Chia pet out of your plastic bottle.

You just need to cut the bottom half of a plastic soda bottle off. Now, use hot glue to stick on a bottle cap for a large, funny nose, and two googly eyes. Now, fill up the bottle with soil and dampen it with water. Sprinkle the dirt with some fast-growing grass seed and you are done.

Turn several plastic bottles into snack bowls

Firstly, cut the bottom part off of several 2 liter (0.53 US gal) bottles. If you need, you can decorate the outside with some paint, colored paper, or stickers. Fill each cup with some nuts, crackers, or candy, and use it for your next house party.

Use the bottle caps to make some amazing mosaic artwork.

Recycling center would not accept the bottle caps, but this doesn’t mean that they are a wastage. Now, use some hot glue to attach bottle caps to a piece of white cardboard. Place a big drop of hot glue to the top of the bottle cap and press it down onto the white cardboard.

Plastic bottle bird feeder

Take an empty plastic bottle, cut it and make holes for the wooden spoons in the middle. Make one of the hole larger than the other for the mouth of the spoon so birdseed can spill out. And hang it with a rope.

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