DIY Bluetooth Speaker — In Few Easy Steps At Home

Technology on the move finds its loudest expression in a Bluetooth speaker. Getting connected over the airwaves is no longer a dream. You can easily play your favorite singer via Bluetooth from your phone. And what is Bluetooth you may ask?? It is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows devices such as smartphones, computers, and peripherals to transmit data or voice wirelessly over a short distance. A Bluetooth speaker is the easiest to explain…. And you can make your own DIY Bluetooth speaker.

Here is how you can design your very own DIY Bluetooth speaker:


  • Bluetooth Module, Amp
  • 4 ohm full range speakers
  • 12V Power supply
  • Ground Loop Isolator
  • Optional Components: Audio Taper Pot, DP-DT Switch, LED, 470 Ohm, 1/2 Watt Resistor
  • Wire clipper/strippers
  • soldering Iron, solder


  • Power: To use a common wire for power source simply cut the wire near the plug end and then attach the cut ends to the screw-in terminals on the amp. Plug in the BT module.
  • Audio: To prevent your speakers from buzzing wire your ground loop isolator(GLI) in between the Bluetooth unit and the amp. Clip the ends off and solder the bare wires together. All of these types of wires have a left channel, right channel, and a ground wire which makes it very easy to connect them. Red goes to red, and white to white, ground to ground. Ground wires are usually thicker and bare, or black. You might need to connect several grounds together. That’s ok! Just twist them together, solder them, and wrap each in electrical tape.
DIY Bluetooth Speaker
DIY Bluetooth Speaker
  • Grab your speakers and attach wires to the speaker terminals and screw the terminals on the board.
  • Testing: plug in the power, connect a Bluetooth device and play. A DP-DT toggle switch wired in between the speakers, and the amp. This will act as a mute button so that you can wait a few seconds for the amp to stabilize before enabling the speakers.
  • Add a volume toggle button. Once the speakers are operational make a box and set the speakers in it. Wire the resistor in the front of the LED and hook it into the power terminals on the amp to get a power indicator light.

Your DIY Bluetooth speaker is ready and raring to go!!

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