DIY Birthday Gifts — Great Ways To Save Money While Gifting

Birthday is one of the most significant events in a year for everyone. You will have a nice dinner, share a birthday cake with your family and friends and receive many presents from them. It is an awesome idea to give your friends and classmates DIY things like birthday gifts, especially when you are on a tight budget for gifts. DIY Birthday Gifts are a fantastic way to show someone how much you care about them. And they’re a great way to save money too!

DIY Birthday Gifts
DIY Birthday Gifts

Now let’s check out a few great DIY birthday gifts.

Create a photo collage.

This is a great way to make a very personal, one of a kind gift for someone. Use a program like Photoshop or collage software to build a collage on your computer or get really hands-on and collage photocopied or scanned photos on a piece of poster board. To make the collage even more impressive looking, get it framed professionally or purchase a frame from a craft store and frame it yourself.

Teacup Candle

This is a great way to turn pretty, decorative teacups into a practical, homemade gift. Look for teacups at thrift stores or second-hand stores. You will need candle wax flakes or paraffin wax, several wood kabob skewers, scotch tape, sharp scissors, candle dye or food dye and this is optional, a double boiler or bowl and access to a stove.

A simple basic colored card

Take any colored A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half. To make it look more creative you can cut out strips from a different colored paper sheet and paste them on as a background.

Create the cover page. Take any scrap paper, write your birthday wish on it, and hand tear it (if you don’t know about “Hand-tearing”, refer to the “Tips” section). After getting the heading ready, paste it nicely on the “front page” of the card.

Open the card. After making the cover page, open the folded A4 sheet and create the inner portion of the card. A few ideas are listed below.

Write loving words. On the right side of the two halves, you can write a poem or some good thoughts and decorate it nicely.

Add a photo. For the left half, you can paste a photo of you with the birthday person and write about some beautiful memories you have together. If you don’t have any photo of this person, you can either download it from social media or simply paste a bar of small chocolate or toffee in and write a few creative lines.

Make a few final touches. You can finish decorating the card by pasting stickers applying glitter, etc. Any little extras that you think might make the card shine are good ideas.

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