DIY Best Out Of Waste Innovative Ways To Reuse Waste Material

We are surrounded by things and stuff and yet we clamor for more… what is it with us humans always wanting a little more?? Well, the question might never be answered but there is a solution to all your needs right in your homes. There are many things that no longer have use in our homes that is treated with waste. Empty bottles, newspapers, old fabric, used candles and much more. If you look carefully you will realize that many things can be recycled, reused, upscaled… that’s the beauty of DIY best out of waste.

Anything and everything can be revamped and made good use of if you put your creativity to good use. Here are a few ideas to get you started and then watch the magic unfold and take charge.

Lamp with bottle caps

Light up your corner with this unique lamp made with plastic bottle caps

DIY Best Out Of Waste
DIY Best Out Of Waste

Materials required

  • Bottle caps.. loads of em
  • Glue
  • Bulb holder
  • Wire


  • Collect all the used bottle caps you can.
  • Wash the caps clean. If you want to give your lamp color, paint the caps in the desired color.
  • Measure the size of the lamp you want, make the base by gluing the caps together. Leave some space for the bulb holder.
  • Glue the rest of the sides with caps and let dry.
  • Glue the 5 sides together and leave the top open.
  • Take the 6th side of the top and place it gently on top.
  • Adjust the bulb holder and the wire on the base. Put the bulb and your lamp is good to go.

Lamp made out of an egg tray

DIY Best Out Of Waste
DIY Best Out Of Waste


  • 12 dozen egg carton
  • 1 string of 100 LED lamps
  • Spray paint can
  • Craft knife
  • Chicken wire
  • Floral wire


  • Cut the cup from the carton, slightly trim the edges of cups making them appear like four petals. This needs to be done by adults as it requires steady hands.
  • Bring the spray paint can and paint it from the inside as well as outside the cup.
  • The light bulb needs to be pushed through the hole provided by chicken wire and use floral wire to safely secure it.
  • The chicken wire needs to be rolled in a cylinder with the bulbs facing out, Tie the ends with the help of floral wiring.
  • Make a cut in X shape at the bottom of every single one of the egg cups and put a cup over the light bulbs.

There are many other DIY best out of waste ideas that you can creatively use to recycle waste and old products.

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